What is composite structure?

  • It is the combination of load bearing and framed structured so that advantages of both types can be enjoyed. In this type, external walls are load bearing type and internal supports are in the form of a column.
  • Roofs and floors are supported by load-bearing walls and internal columns. The design and constructed of this type of structure may become difficult and complicated.
  • When a structure has elements of steel and concrete that resist loads by a joint action (that is by pooling their respective strengths) it is called a composite structure.
  • The composite structure is generally adopted for industrial sheds or warehouse where spans are very large.
  • A composite material is basically a combination of two or more materials, each of which retains its own distinctive properties.
  • The concept of composite materials is ancient, An example is adding straw to mud for building stronger mud walls. Most commonly, composite materials have a bulk phase, which is continuous, called the matrix; and a dispersed, non-continuous, phase called the reinforcement.
  • The significance here lies in that there are numerous matrix materials and as many fiber types, which can be combined in countless ways to produce just the desired properties.
Composite structure

Composite structure

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