Difference between series circuit and parallel circuit

Series circuit Parallel circuit The element is said to be connected in series if they are connected in cascade fashion, end to end, one after the other. if the finish point of the one element is connected

Kirchhoff’s laws

A German physicist, Gustave Kirchhoff, devised two fundamental laws in the year 1847. Kirchhoff’s current law (KCL) It is also called as first law or node law. This law states that the total current flowing towards a

Source of electrical energy

The source of electrical energy are classified into two group : Voltage source Current source These sources are further classified into two types as: Ideal sources Practical source Voltage source Ideal Voltage Source An ideal voltages sources

What is ohm’s law ?

This law is devised by dr.ohm in 1827 it is fundamental law in electricity. It relates to the potential difference (V), current (I), resistance(R), of the dc circuit. it is applicable to the part of the circuit

Voltage rise and voltage drop

Inside the battery, from the negative terminal to the positive terminal of the battery, then, the battery, the energy is supplied to the charges the work is done on the charges. Hence there is again in the

Analog between hydraulic and electric circuits

Hydraulic circuit A hydraulic circuit consists of a water through the pipe. The flow is created and maintained by supplying mechanical energy with the pump. The water particles at the highest potential ‘A’ flow through the pipe


A capacitance is the circuit element in which the energy is stored in the electrostatic field. The physical device producing capacitance known as a capacitor. The capacitor is formed by inserting a dielectric (insulating) material between the

Atomic structure

Acceding to the modern electron theory, every matter in the universe is made up of very small divisible particles known as molecules. Every molecule is further composed of very minute particles called atoms. Every matter differs from

Tips To Pass Cisco CCNA 200-125 Routing & Switching Certification Exam

If you’re a networking enthusiast and absolutely love routing and switching activities, then CCNA Routing and Switching certification is the ideal one for you. To prosper and excel in this networking field, you must be CCNA (Cisco

Functions of automatic star delta converter

All motors of higher capacity are provided with star/delta windings. During the initial startup, the motor is connected in star mode to reduce the initial inrush of current. Once the motor achieves the required speed, it switches