What is cast resign ?

In these units, coils are enveloped in resign by process of moulding. The transformer coils are solidly cast in resin under a vacuum in a mould. The manufacture ring process in such that winding is locked in

What is flexibility

The possibility of increase or decrease of demand in future can never be ignored in power system. Provision of connections of the parallel transformer to meet the increased demand keeps the system flexible. Installation of the signal

Measurement of electrical

Electrical load parameter, as well as machine side mechanical parameters, are measured for the purpose of motors study. Measurement on selected motors is carried out to for electrical parameters such as: Voltages Load current Power factor Power

Effect of voltage unbalances parameter

Three phase motors are designed to work on three phase’s voltages equal or nearly equal. In conditions of voltages unbalance voltages in three phases becomes unequal which may lead motor to a significant problem such as: Excess

Types of motor enclosure

Broadly enclosures are categorized as : Open type Totally enclosed type Motor with open enclosures provides air cooling of motor windings as it features ventilation openings to allow the same. The common type of this is open

What is gear driver ?

There are many types of gear drives such we : Helical Spur Bevel Worm gear Helical and bevel gear drive are most preferred and quite efficient out of them. Spur gears though found in many older systems,

What are core lamination

Laminations mitigate the eddy currents. The iron core is formed by laminations dipped in insulating varnish. Sliced core offers very less width to circulated eddy currents. Silicon steel sheets to replace with solid core break up the

Isolating transformer

Usually, the electrical transformer is used to either step up or step down the voltage. It hardly does anything to minimize the crossing of noise or transients from primer to secondary. Circuit impedances can be by using

What is belt drives

One-third populations of motors in industrial and commercial sectors include belt drive as it avoids transmission loss. Increase decrease in the speed of the drives equipment is achieved with pulleys of various diameters. A well-designed belt transmission

What is changing to a different winding

In the rewinding with the option, lap winding is often preferred to be used as it includes all the same coils. This is quite acceptable if it results in the same amounts of flux per pole as
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