Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy plant

Solar energy plant

A photovoltaic cell is the basic that converts solar radiation into electricity PY cell can be either circular in construction or square. Cells are arranged in a frame to a module, modules put together from a panel. Many panels together from an array each PY cell is rated in watt- peak [WP].

Any energy derived from the energy of the sun is called solar energy. The process where the optical energy of the Sun is converted to electricity by semiconductor material is the photovoltaic effect.

Solar energy plant

Solar energy plant

  • After the initial investment, all the electricity produced is free.
  • Clean renewable energy source.
  • No transmission costs for the standalone system.
  • Virtually no maintains and no recurring costs.
  • Ideal for remote locations that cannot be tied to the grid.

Advantages of solar energy plant

  • As sunlight hits the solar panels, the solar energy is converted into direct current electricity (DC).
  • The direct current is connected on cables from each row of panels and flows into power inverters where it is converted into alternating current (AC).
  • The AC electricity passes through a power transformer.
  • The transformer boosts the voltage of the current for delivery onto the transmission lines, so local electric utilities can distribute the electricity to homes and businesses along the electrical grid.

Disadvantages of solar energy plant

  • The high initial cost to purchase solar panel system.
  • A relatively large area is required to initiate a solar system.

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