Applications of serial peripheral interface (SPI)

There are some important applications of serial peripheral interface (SPI) which are given below.

  • The serial peripheral interfaces (SPI) are used in MMC or SD card including SDIO variant.
  • The SPI is used to talk to a variety of peripherals such as sensors i.e. temperature and pressure, analog to digital converter (ADC), digital to analog converter (DAC).
  • It is used in audio or video codec’s, digital potentiometers.
  • It is used in flash and EEPROM memories.
  • It is used as canon EF lens mount in camera.
  • It is used in real time clocks.
  • It is used in LCD and LED.
  • It is also used in video games.
  • It is used for communications such asEthernet, USB, USART, CAN, IEEE 802.15.4, and IEEE 802.11.

serial peripheral interface

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