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Where are dredgers are used?

In order to provide the necessary depth to water near the ports, it becomes essential to do the process of dredging which is a specialized form of excavation. The various types of dredgers are employed for this

What is SCADA?

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a software package that is positioned on top of a real-time control system to control a process that is external to the SCADA system. SCADA system includes input-output signal hardware,

What are the earth compaction equipment

Earth compaction equipment is used to decrease the porosity of earth and to increase density and strength of the earth. Compaction of the earth is done by rolling, kneading, ramming, tamping, vibrating etc. There are types of

What are the application of SCADA

Application of SCADA SCADA can be used in a small application like controlling the temperature of a room too large application like controlling a nuclear power plant. It can analyze the data acquired from remote equipment throughout

Use of excavators

Excavators An excavator is the oldest types of the machine which removes earth. It performs its work of moving the earth while unit stationary. The little effort is required to move dead weight of earth in a

What is water harvesting technology

The crisis is of drought are non-availability of consumptive water and also non-consumptive water i.e. water we need for domestic, agricultural and industrial use and the water in dam-reservoir is also made available for hydropower generation. If

Rooftop rainwater harvesting

Rooftop rainwater harvesting involves taking down a PVC or M.S. pipe of 90-120mm. die from the roofs outlet to the ground floor, which can be collected to a water [placed either above the ground level or below

Methods of watershed management

To improve the groundwater level, several civil structures are constructed in the watershed area, pits and trenches. The pits or trenches are dogged at equal intervals on the skipping surface to cut the surface – flow and

What are the types of canals?

The various types of canals are : Main canal Branch canal Distributors Field channels Main canal The canal taken directly from the reservoir is called the main canal. The supply in this main canal is controlled by

Objectives of watershed management

The watershed management is designed with the following objectives To reduce the risk designed with the following objectives. To control damaging runoff and degradation and thereby conservation of soil and water. To manage and utilize the runoff