Difference between the load bearing structure and framed structure

Aspect Load bearing structure Framed structure
Soil condition It is constructed on hard strata available at shallow depth. It can be constructed on any type of soil. e.g. black cotton soil, reclaimed soil, soft soil.
Height Height is limited and it is suitable for 2 to 3 stories. No restriction on height suitable for multi started building.
Floor space Less floor area is available for use because of a thick wall. More floor is available for use because of thin wall
Time at construction Slow and time-consuming construction. Fast and speed construction.
Economy Economical up to 2 storeys. Economical for the multi-storey building.
Flexibility in planning Less flexible due to load bearing walls. Flexible due to wall serving as a partition.
Earthquake resistances Susceptible to vibration due to machine and earthquake. Can be designed to resist more earthquake vibrations.

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