Isolating transformer

Usually, the electrical transformer is used to either step up or step down the voltage. It hardly does anything to minimize the crossing of noise or transients from primer to secondary. Circuit impedances can be by using

What is belt drives

One-third populations of motors in industrial and commercial sectors include belt drive as it avoids transmission loss. Increase decrease in the speed of the drives equipment is achieved with pulleys of various diameters. A well-designed belt transmission

What is changing to a different winding

In the rewinding with the option, lap winding is often preferred to be used as it includes all the same coils. This is quite acceptable if it results in the same amounts of flux per pole as

What is copy rewinding

If as noted earlier when details of manufacturer’s original winding are preserved the core can be made ready for rewinding. The points which will remain same as those of original windings are: Coils pitch Turns/ coils Connections

Types of re-lamping

There are two types of re-lamping: Groups re-lamping Sport re-lamping Group re-lamping Group re-lamping is a preventive approach. In this lamps are replaced to ensure a light level when lamps in the area reach 80% of their

Current balancing procedure

Thick over all possible combinations of phase load changes at each 3-phase connection point for either single-phase supplies or loads. When all selections have been made, consider the order in which loads are connected. It is so

Meter inaccuracies

Losses due to meter inaccuracies are n nothing but a difference between actual energy supplied to the consumer through the meters and amount registered by meters. When meters it gives negligible errors in the metering, it gives

What is power theft?

Power theft is a problem which has been plaguing a power utility a problem which has been plaguing a power utility since it’s service and accounts for a significant amount of high transmission and distribution losses in

What is copper losses

Occur same as in distribution line and are lesser in quantity as compared to core losses. Copper losses are nothing but dissipated heat by the current in primary as well as secondary winding which can be found

What are copper losses by conductor

Copper losses can be minimized by the use of greater diameter of the conductor wire and winding material with better resistivity. Casually choosing the thickness, increases eddy currents. In this regard, sectionalisation is preferred in order to