Differentiate between single-walled carbon nano-tube and multi-walled carbon nano-tube

The difference between the single-walled carbon nanotube and multi-walled carbon nano-tube are as follows- Single-walled carbon nano-tube Multi-walled carbon nano-tube SWNT is made up by rolling a graphene sheet into a seamless cylinder. MWNT is made up

Difference between feeder and distributer

Feeder Distributor In the substance (s), the voltage magnitude is reduced to a utilization level and then the eclectic power is a distribution to the various area through the conductors which is known as feeders. The distributor

Comparison of A.C distribution with D.C distribution

A.C distribution D.C. distribution 3 phase A.C distribution system requires 4 wires. D.C distribution system requires only one wire with the ground as a return path. The voltage at the far end is a less i.e. voltage

Frequency stability of an oscillator

The frequency stability of an oscillator can be defined as a measure of its ability to maintain a constant frequency over a long time interval. However, it has been observed if an oscillator is set at some

What is positive feedback

Positive feedback: If the feedback single (i.e. voltage or current) is applied in such a way that is in phase with the input and thus increase it, then it is called as positive feedback. Sometimes, it is

Classification of oscillators

Classification of oscillators: Based on the output waveform: The oscillators are classified as: Sinusoidal oscillator Non-sinusoidal oscillator Based ON the circuit components: RC oscillators LC oscillators Crystal oscillates Based on the range of operating frequency: Low-frequency oscillators

Explain barkhausens criteria for oscillation

Barakhausens criterion: Consider a basic inverting amplifier with an open loop gain ‘A’. As basic amplifier is inverting it produces a phase shift of 1800 between input and output The amplifier to work as an oscillator two

Applications of nano-materials

The nano-materials find applications in various fields of- Medicine Nanomedicine and diagnostics- Nanogold particles selectively accumulate in tumours, providing precise imaging and targeted laser destruction of a tumour harming healthy cells. Bio-barcode assay is a comparatively cheap

Construction of gas pressure cable

Constructionally, pressure cable is similar to that of an ordinary solid type’s cable except that it has a triangular shape. Triangular formation helps to reduce the weight of the cable also the thickness of the lead sheath

Basic principles of solution

Standard solution: The standard solution is the solution whose concentration is known and does not change on standing A known weight of the solute/ substance dissolved in a known volume of solution. Moles: The number of grams of