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What are the common impurities mostly found in natural water?

Impurities in water are classified into three heads Suspended impurities Colloidal impurities Dissolved impurities Suspended impurities These impurities are dispassion of solid particles that are large enough to be removed by filtration on the surface and heavier

Waste water treatment system

The wastewater treatment or sewage treatment is a broad term that applies to any process, operation or combination of process and operations that can reduce the objectionable properties of water carried waste and render it less dangerous

What are processes required to remove the various types of impurities

The treatment processor directly depend on the impurities present in the water for removing various types of impurities the following treatment processes are used Impurity Process used for removal Floating matters as leaves, dead animals etc. Screening

What are the requirements of drinking water?

A human body contains about 70 percent of water. The consummating of water by a man is required for various physiology processes such as blood formation such as bold formation food assimilation etc. The quantity of water

What are the main objects of treating water

The main object of the treatment processer is to remove the impurities from the raw water and bring the quality of water to required standards. The following are the main objects at treating water To remove the

Types of signals

Traffic signals The device used for controlling, warning or guiding the traffic is known as traffic signals. Traffic signals may be either in the form of a power-operated traffic control device or simply a sign. Types of

Type of road accidents

Road accidents The collision of the road user with the other road user or with the fined objects lying within the road pavement is called road accident. The overturning or running off the roadway by any vehicle

What steps would you suggest to are minimised road accidents?

Road accidents can be minimized by the joint effect of highway engineer, road users and the legal authorities. The engineer should provide geometrically designed elements of roads adequate channelization of traffic etc. the road users should follow

Treatment units of water purification plant

One complete water treatment plant requires the following process starting from the source of water up to the distribution zone in order of sequence Intake work including pumping plant Plain sedimentation Sedimentation with coagulation Filtration Water softening

Cause of traffic accidents

The following are cause of accidents on roads Deficiency in roads i.e. improper geometrical design, poor alignment, blind intersections, in adequate traffic control devices etc. Defective vehicles i.e. faulty brakes, poor lights faulty steering etc. Violation of