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Advantages and disadvantages of traffic control signals on road

Advantages of traffic control signals on the road Traffic control signals provide for an orderly movement of traffic. They help in reducing the frequency of an accident of some special nature i.e. of right angles accidents. They

Classifications of traffic sign

Traffic signs The device in the form symbol and inscriptions mounted on a fixed or portable support provided on roads to give information, warning or guidance to the road users are as traffic signs. The object of

Types of pavement

Flexible pavement The earthen, gravel, water bound macadam and bituminous roads are also known as flexible pavement because the surface takes the shape of sub-surface soil. Rigid pavements Cement concrete roads are also known as pavements because

Transportation in national development

Transportation means the movements of the people and material from one place to transportation engineering is the branch of civil engineering which deals with the study, design and construction of roads, railway, bridges, tunnels, waterways, seaways and

How are the roads classified?

Classification according to location and function National high-ways [N.H] State high –ways[S.H] Major district roads[M.D.R] Other distract roads Village roads [V.R] National high – ways They run through the length and breadth of the country. They connect

Modes of transportation

Different modes of transportation are Roadways Railways Waterways Airways Seaways Special ways Roadways For the proper interior development of the different area of a nation or country an efficient well-planned network of roads connecting to all cities,

Difference between flexible pavements and rigid pavements

Following are the difference between flexible pavements and rigid pavements such as : Flexible pavement Rigid pavement The earthen, gravel, water bound macadam and bituminous roads are known as flexible pavement. Cement concrete roads are known as

How to use the digital plannimeter to find area of an irregular ?

Preparation: paste or fix the drawing paper containing area on a drawing board. Place the roller at the positioning which will make a right with the main body. By tracing the outline of the fig. if any

What is modern survey method

In olden types surveying works, conventional instruments such as taps to measure distance, use of a prismatic compass to measure the horizontal angles, use of dumpy level to find the elevation between the points on the earth’s

Instrument used for chain surveying

The various instrument used for the determination of the length of the line by chaining are as follows Metric surveying chain Tapes Arrows Pegs Ranging rods Offset rods Plasterers’ laths and whites Plumb bob. Metric surveying chains