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Digital theodolite

Digital theodolites differ in detail from the older venire models, although in general principals they are much the same. However, these are becoming popular because digital theodolites are light and compact and with a distomat attachment, these

What is digital planimeter

The planimeter is used for finding out areas of irregular figures on sheet there is a number of formulae available for calculating areas of regular figures, but the actual problem arises when the figure is irregular. Planimeter

Applications of the digital theodolite

To measure the horizontal angle and vertical angle between two points accurately up to a precision of “1”[ one second]. To check the alignments of roads, railways track tunnel and bridges. It is used in the prolongation

Application of laser

Uses of the laser in construction The laser beam is used for cutting the steel plates with construction work is precisely done. The laser beam is used to find the elevation between the different point in vertical

Types of concrete

Concrete can be broadly classified into following: Plain cement concrete [P.C.C] It is obtained by making mixing cement, sand and coarse aggregates with an adequate quantity of water. P.C.C. is very strong in compression and very weak

Types of maps and their uses

The most relevant maps in the field of civil engineering are as follows. Topographic maps Topographic maps show a 3-dimensional world in 2 dimensions by contour lines. Engineers use topographic maps when they are planning roads, buildings,

Sources of eco-friendly materials

Following are the source of eco-friendly materials Renewable source Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources. As an eco-friendly construction material wood from certified forests in the best renewable source. Reuse of water From various sources

Properties of eco-friendly materials

Environmentally-friendly building materials are those that provide appropriate service and lifespan, with minimum maintenance, while minimizing the extraction of raw materials, the pollution from, and energy consumed by manufacturing and use, and that have the maximum potential

Eco-friendly materials used in construction

Eco-friendly “products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose”. A material by itself can be eco-friendly, e.g.

Factors considered for selection of eco-friendly materials

Factors to be considered for selection eco-friendly materials Nowadays the construction industry and architectural group are trying to construct an eco-friendly building using eco-friendly materials. This will load to preserve and protect important resources are water, land,